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  • Kristin Howland·

    I have been following Kristen for many years and joined her 8-week intensive Job Joy program which has been incredibly helpful in terms of my career clarity and what my best "next steps" might be in my career. My last 1:1 with her reminded me of effective search and networking strategies and I'm excited to see what the universe delivers to me! I'm grateful for her help and guidance through the job search process. She's genuine and relatable while holding her mentees accountable!

  • Karen Dudek-Brannan·

    I had been unsuccessful at my job search for months, even with years of experience and an advanced degree. With Kristen’s help I landed my dream job as a product manager in the public sector doing meaningful work, and also gained skills that will help me successfully navigate my leadership role.

  • Brian·

    Kristen is spot on in her guidance to those looking to find a new job whether it is a career shift, deal with a layoff or RIF or if you are simply tired of where you are and want a change.

    I have worked with Kristen for close to a year, suffered a layoff due to a restructuring and my position being eliminated about 6 months ago and just landed a dream job! Her guidance helped me tremendously along the way!

    Kristen’s 1:1 sessions are extremely helpful! She doesn’t provide you with false BS, but keeps it real, wants to hear your positive as well as your struggles she knows you are having. She is extremely uplifting!! Thank you Kristen!!

  • Cynthia J·

    I have been coached by Kristen since Covid and her program and approach have made a tremendous impact on my quality of life. I not only landed my dream job but also had the courage to build a side hustle.

  • Ruby Escalante-DeVitto·

    Kristen has been an inspiration! Her program helped me get the job I wanted then, but it also helped me re-discover what brings passion into my life. I am now following my dream and working on accomplishing it! Without Kristen's help, I'm not sure where I'd be. She's a fantastic coach with an incomparable energy that will always remind you that you can accomplish anything you set your heart to.

  • Joniann·

    I had a fantastic introductory discussion with Kristin that was the catalyst to finally having the courage to begin my new career seeking journey. I’m looking forward to exploring new opportunities that align with my skills, passion, and where my contributions yield successful outcomes.

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